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• Condition: New, Original
• Quantity: 1 Box
• Size: 10 Sachet /Box (15g/Sachet)
Discover the power of Itcha XS Fiber Plus in the refreshing Lychee Rose flavor! 
Formulated by Benze Pornchita, this dietary supplement is designed to support weight control effortlessly. 
Simply enjoy one packet before bedtime for its delicious taste and effective benefits:
• Easy digestion
• Detoxification
• Achieve a flat belly and stomach
• Sustained satiety
• Convenient and delightful consumption
• Prevents accumulation in the body
Ingredients Extract:
• Fruit Powder
• Rose Powder
• Lychee Powder
• Konjac Powder
How to Use:
Dissolve one sachet in 120 ml of water and drink once daily. 
For optimal results, consume with 1-2 glasses of water.
** Results may vary depending on individual health conditions. 

ITCHA XS Dietary Supplement Fiber Plus Lychee Rose Detox Weight Control

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