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Sena Marine Plankton Aging Serum Concentrate solution for all skin problems. The aging (aged 20 or more is available. Protected bright early) to make white skin, freckles or spots lighten skin smooth and radiant tenderness of the skin problem. To restore shine bright again.

Sena Marine Plankton Aging Serum Concentrate restore healthy skin. With the new technology of serum to nourish the skin and outer skin, extracts of plankton concentrations to 10% blend of white ginseng. 4 and seaweed species as well as extracts of flowers 4 to reduce the pigment melanin to make freckles fade clearly. The antioxidants And reduce inflammation of the skin Reduce wrinkles and premature.

Features of Sena Marine Plankton Aging Serum Concentrate.

- skin rejuvenation and anti-aging premature.

- an antioxidant Inflammation of the skin

- Reduce the pigment melanin, freckles fade.

- restores radiance to the skin. Glow from the inside out

- Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots. And uneven skin tone

- stimulate the metabolism of cells, increase SIM. Strengthens the skin up fast.

- Anti-free radical antioxidant. Prevent cell degeneration Increased strength And elasticity to the cells, making the skin soft and firm.

- Collagen to build up in the skin quickly.

- protect and repair cellular DNA and the integrity of HSP. Make your skin look younger by ten years.

- moisturiser the skin


Sena Marine Plankton Aging Serum Concentrate: serum thin face and neck 2 times a day - morning and evening.

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Sena Marine Plankton Aging Serum Konzentrat 50ml.

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