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Condition: Brand New
Quantity:  1 Bottle
Size: 14 Softgels / Bottle
FDA No.: 12-4-00661-5-0010
SAKANA COLLAGEN X10 Sakana Collagen is a collagen dipeptine. That can be absorbed 55 times more than usual with a "packaged extract" of a multivitamin. It is produced in a softgel form made from fish, not a capsule, not a powder, so there is no residue and contains 10% rice ceramy, which is equal to 100 kg of rice germ.

- Strengthen bones and joints
- Strengthens collagen, Keep skin youthful
- Helps retain moisture to the skin.
- Increase flexibility, smoothness, firmness
- Helps skin look white and natural
- Prevent and reduce radicals.
- Helps slow down the wrinkles of the skin to look younger.
- Stimulates the production of glutathione, Makes the skin white and clear

Direction: Take 1 soft-gel before bedtime.

Not recommended for children, pregnant women and breastfeeding women.
This product contains an ingredient derived from fish, so it is not recommended for allergic people.

ROSEGOLD SAKANA Collagen x10 Anti Aging Whitening Skin Premium Dipeptide

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