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Condition: Brand New
Size: 1 Box include
1.RCC Repairing night cream 10g.
2. RCC Whitening night cream 10g.
Quantity:  1 Boxes
Rcc Night Cream
- Helps reduce acne, freckles, dark spots
- Reduce scars, acne scars
- More white face Soft and moist skin
- Skin tightening, younger
- Used, not thin, 100% safe
Can be used for 1-2 months
Night Crem RCC 1 set contains 2 units.
Can be used for 1 - 2 months because the cream is very thick Suitable for those who face the following skin ... - Acne inflammation.
- dull skin, not clear
- Dark spots from acne, acne scars
- Freckles
- Various scars after regular use continuously within 2 weeks, the skin will gradually become smoother and clearer.
► Whitening night cream number 1
Make your face clear Smooth to the touch Dark spots look faded, reduce acne, reduce wrinkles, face luscious, shiny, bouncy, smooth, clear, healthy looking.
► Whitening night cream number 2
Gentle exfoliation Revitalize dry skin Add moisture Natural radiance Prevent the occurrence of aging wrinkles for beautiful, strong and healthy skin.
Apply before going to bed by applying number 1 and then applying number 2 over the face and neck area.

*** Results may vary depending on the individual***

RCC Night Cream Repairing Whitening Reduce Dark Spots Acne Tightening Skin

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