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Cathy Doll Whitening Sunscreen L-Glutathione Magic Cream SPF50 PA+++ - Advanced Sun Protection
•  Achieve radiant skin with Cathy Doll Whitening Sunscreen L-Glutathione Magic Cream SPF50 PA+++. 
•  This innovative sunscreen cream is formulated to provide intense sun protection while offering advanced skincare benefits. 
•  Lighter than typical sunscreens, it absorbs quickly into the skin for immediate hydration and nourishment. 
•  Enriched with Titanium Dioxide, it helps to adjust the brightness of the skin instantly. 
•  The innovative spray feature delivers a refreshing burst of iced water, 
•  helping to cool and hydrate the skin, while combating heat and dryness. 
•  Infused with L-Glutathione extracts, this cream deeply brightens the skin 
•  and provides intense moisturization. Experience beautiful skin in one step - UV protection, skincare, and heat relief.
Directions for use:
•  Squeeze an appropriate amount of the sunscreen cream onto your palm.
•  Gently spread it all over your body.
•  The cream will transform into water droplets and quickly absorb into the skin.
•  Reapply every 2-4 hours for continuous protection and hydration.

Cathy Doll Magic Cream Whitening Pore Tightening SPF50 L-Glutathione 60 ml

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