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Thai Herbal Slim Belly Fat Burner - Break Down Fat Naturally!
Product Detail:
 • Made from 100% Thai herbs, safe with no side effects
 • Promotes a flat stomach, good shape, and healthy body
 • Suitable for both women and men seeking to reduce abdominal fat
 • Formulated by Rangsit University, renowned for Thai herbal research
 • Burns old fats and prevents new fat accumulation
 • Stimulates the digestive system and expels toxins
 • Reduces edema and detoxifies the body
 • Balances body elements and prevents yoyo effect
Main Ingredients:
 • Wild gourd vine, Taktak root, Rhubarb, Black pepper, Piper ribesioides, Galangal
Take 2 capsules before bedtime.
Results may vary depending on individual conditions.

Abdomen Slimming Herbs Detox Weight Loss Burn Fat Natural Extract 30 Capsules

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