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Fah-Talai-Jone (Andrographis)


• For common cold, flu and mild fever

• Soothes sore throat

• Promote healthy immune function all-year round


Ouay Un Osoth Co.,Ltd (Ouay Un in Chinese language, means sanitary and safe.) is a premier herbal medicine and supplement manufacturer. They offer a wide variety of herbal products. Their founder, Mr. Sathian Somboonvechakarn (born 1917), is a trained traditional pharmacist and a medicinal ‘artist’. They started from a small pharmacy in 1947, selling modern and traditional medicine.

From a small traditional Chinese pharmacy, Ouay Un has grown into one of the most trusted brands for herbal products in Thailand with more than 5,000 local distributors.


Quantity : 6 bottles


6 bottles Fah Talai Jone (Andrographis) Thai Herb by Ouay Un 100 Capsules

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