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Condition : New

Quantity : 1 Box

Size : 10 Sachets / Box 




Saikono Collagen 15,000 mg is the dietary supplement to nourish skin to be soft, moisturized, and glowing deeply to the inner skin layer. It treats dull and deteriorated skin, and dark circles due to late sleep, revealing clearer skin than ever. It has been researched to be the best formula with the well-selected high-quality ingredients in every sachet. It has been processed through the VIQUA process with a special planting method to obtain the good quality extracts.



- Contains genuine collagen from deep sea fish

- Can nourish skin deeply to the cellular level

- Promotes skin to be radiant, soft, smooth, and moisturized

- Reduces the formation of acne, acne scars, and inflammatory acne

- Tightens skin pores and reduces dark spots

- Slows down aging, increases skin elasticity, and promotes glowing skin

- Provides sweetener instead of sugar


Product Feature

1.Premium grade , concentrated collagen

2. 6 dimensions of perfect skins

   - bright skin

   - strengthen skin , don't afraid of sunlight and pollution

   - Pore minimizing and tightening

   - Soften skin and intensive moisturizing 

   - Anti acne 

   - Anti wrinkle


What will you expect from this product  and when can you see result ?

3 days = Smooth skin , especially facial skin , easy for make up

5 days = skin recovery , turn to healthy ,when get up your skin still look good even sleep late

10 days = bright skin , look healthy, not sensitive for sunlight

15 days =  look radiant skin and aura shine , look healthy more


How to eat

1 sachet daily 15 minutes before breakfast 


Tips 40 sachets is the best result (4 boxes) for a month

   1-7 days  take 2 sachets in the morning

   8-30 days take 1 sachets  in the morning

5 x Saiko Collagen SAIKONO White skin, reduce acne 1 set

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