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Restoria Discreet Hair Colour Restoring Cream


Quantity : 3 bottles x 250ml.

Restoria Discreet Styling Cream Grooms and Conditions the Hair.Developed Over 45 Years Ago, Restoria Discreet Is The Grey Hair Treatment That Gradually Restores Natural Looking Color To Grey Hair.


Restoria Discreet Hair Cream Works With The Hair's Natural Chemistry, Returning Your Hair To A Natural Looking Color Gradually Over 2 To 3 Weeks.


Restoria Discreet is suitable for All Hair Colors and is Simply Rubbed into the Grey Areas. With The Added Benefit Of Helping To Control Dandruff And Containing Its Own 'Built In' Conditioner, Restoria Discreet is a Complete Grey Hair Treatment that Prevents Grey Hair Helps Stop Dandruff And Makes You Look Younger.


3x Restoria Discreet Hair Colour Restoring Cream 250ml

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