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Condition : New
Size: 7 Sachets/Box
Quantity: 3 Boxes ( 7 Sachets / 1 Box) 
Registration number : 10-1-10858-5-0185 
Renatar's products have many safety standards, both FDA and Halal.
Manufactured through Intertek standards, GMP CODEX and HACCP.
Products for health supplements and digestive system Renata Fiber X The balance of life that everyone wishes to excrete easily, clean intestines without waste. Cut off excess parts with Prebiotic and Phytonutrients and also strengthen immunity to the cellular level. With the latest innovation, Celltuin, the first copyright in Thailand
1. Cut excess, add parts from Prebiotic and Phytonutrient premium grade natural extracts, good for health, no residue
2. Cleanse the intestines Reduces the accumulation of fat or waste in the intestines.
3. Enhances the efficiency of absorption of various nutrients make the body able Better use of nutrients
4. Low calories, not fat because sucralose is used instead of sugar
5. Clear skin looks aura because the body has excreted waste.
6. New innovation. Celltuin works as deep as the cell level. Eliminating free radicals and waste to return the cells to become strong again
Benefits of Renatar Fiber X
- Inhibit the growth of bad bacteria
- Helps prevent diarrhea
- Relieve constipation
- Prevents infections in the digestive system. And helps detoxify.
- Inhibits fat synthesis Helps with weight control
- Reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis and diabetes
- Make the body immune to work better.
- Helps absorb nutrients better.
Direction : Brew with cold water 200 ml, drink before bedtime

3x Renatar Fiber X Natural Detox Prebiotic Phytonutrients Weight Loss Organic

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