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Amado Colligi Collagen Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Tripeptide Tighten Skin 110g.
Brand       : AMADO  Plus 
Condition : 100% Brand new, seal, never used, never opened.
Size         :  1 Box
Package Contents: 2 Boxes x 100g = 200g
Is a collagen that passes through the digestion process To have a low molecular weight, making it effective for absorption And easily digested and can be used quickly
- collagen Tripeptide has small molecules Help add moisture to the skin
- Increase strength for hair cells and nails, making hair strong, not easy to fall off. Nails are healthy, not broken, easily brittle.
Beneficial collagen Tripeptide with bone
- collagen Tripeptide helps prevent and maintain broken bones And fever that causes inflammation
Helps to maintain the cartilage layer in the knee arthritis area. And stretching of the tendons Helps the tendon to heal faster
Premium grade collagen, imported from Japan, mixed with Vitamin C, soluble in cold water, colorless, odorless, easy to drink like water
- Helps restore rough skin and wilt
- Helps to tighten skin and improve elasticity
- Helps not premature wrinkles
- Add pink radiance
- nourish the skin, nourish the bones
How to eat: 2 tablespoons per day, dissolve the product in normal or cold water, 250 ml and use a spoon to dissolve Mixed with plain water, tea, coffee, milk and fruit juices of all kinds Or to scatter on food such as soup, yogurt, salad dressing, stir-fry without changing the taste of food


2x Amado Colligi Collagen Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen Tripeptide Tighten Skin

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